A Taste Of Entrepreneurship w/ Nick Pihakis

Written by Cathy Nakos

Most people prefer to work for a paycheck and benefits for security for themselves and their families.  As an employee they will do what they’re hired to do even if it means doing mundane jobs.  They may be independent thinkers but don’t want to take the risk financially nor be responsible for every decision made. This thinking presents an obstacle to fulfilling their passion and to creating generational wealth. 

Entrepreneurs however are great leaders, willing to take calculated risks to grow and take responsibility for their decisions. They learn every aspect of their trade giving them the confidence to be responsible for themselves and others.

At the age of 15, Nick was passionate about the food business, a risk taker and an independent thinker. That combination led him at 19 to a job with a small but successful Italian restaurant. Determined to learn the business from the bottom up, he did everything from the dishes to mopping the floor. He ultimately became “the world’s best bartender” and managed that bar. He excelled at customer service so when his car was stolen, his regulars tipped him so well he was able to restore a gutted car he found.

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