It has to feel right

Written by Themy Gitersos

As a professional realtor in the Fraser Valley in British Columbia Canada, I come across this situation far too often which is what inspired me to write the story above. I’ve had buyers walk into a home, take a few steps inside, turn around and walk back out. When asked what the reason was, they simply say “it didn’t feel right”.

Selling a home is much more than putting up a for sale sign and hoping the right buyer comes along. There should be pre-list preparation to address curb appeal, tending to bumps and bruises within and the right staging utilized to capture the essence of the home.

When a potential buyer steps inside, the staging must capture their attention quickly and produce “the right feeling”. It should induce a mesmerizing feeling…one of comfort, security and safety. Metaphorically speaking, that feeling you get when you’re wrapped in a warm blanket. This is a crucial part of what sells a home. Take a step back and look at it from a buyer’s perspective and prepare accordingly as it’s something so simple, yet overlooked time and time again.

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