3 Steps From “Inner Chaos” to “Inner Peace”

Author Dr. Fred Blum

Let’s start by considering three words…

1. Slow 2. Breathe 3. Expand

I promise, that will make more sense in a moment. For now, just know that these three steps are all you need to…

✓ Catch stress when it’s building… before it becomes a problem.

✓ Access a state of peace and clarity that is always present and available, regardless of circumstances.

✓ Develop bullet-proof resilience.

Step One: Slow Down. Slowing down is about checking in. It gives you a chance to bring your attention to your state of body and mind. For some, this may be the hardest part! The world most of us live in doesn’t really reward slowing down, does it? If you find this part challenging, consider that an indication of how much you need it! So…next time you’re beginning to feel yourself getting stressed or overwhelmed, try the following…

Pause. Stop whatever you’re doing for a moment and check in with your body. The body never lies. The Pause is about noticing your baseline state of tension. Here’s the key: All change begins with noticing.

How are you doing? Be specific:

✓ Where can you notice tension building in your body?

✓ Where can you notice tension or restriction in your breathing?

✓ What emotions or stressful thoughts are lurking in the background? 

Again, the key here is just to notice. If you find yourself resisting what you see, notice that!

Take inventory. Are you doing or thinking anything that is causing you stress? What are you

doing or thinking that isn’t in alignment with your values or goals? Do something different. What can you do, right now if possible, to create more peace?

Try some of the following practices…

Read the rest of Dr. Blums’ article in the October 2022 issue of The Bellwether magazine here.

Dr. Fred Blum’s background includes a variety of training and experiences that led him to this profession. He has degrees in psychology and chiropractic. He’s studied human transformation with some of the most brilliant minds in the world. He’s trained in martial arts for 45 years. He has even performed in an Off-Broadway comedy troupe for a while. As a kid he was picked on and bullied. He has also declared bankruptcy and been divorced. You can never tell which life experiences will produce the greatest gifts unless you stay in the game.

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