Exploration at the Expense of Social Responsibility

Blame It On Woodstock

Few of us knew it then, but this refocusing toward inner exploration at the expense of social responsibility marked the beginning of the rampant self-centeredness we suffer from today. Despite the huge influence this sequence of events had on me, my fascination with individual freedom remained as strong as my passion to serve the common good.

Exploration at the Expense of Social Responsibility, Our Cultural Split Into Self-Improvers, Connectors and Do-Gooders

We lacked the collective ability in the 1960s to turn our cultural upheaval into a blessing. Instead, our society fragmented into three groups. Each embraced a different primary focus, and with it a dangerously incomplete vision of integrity that haunts us and our society to this day.
Those who became most intrigued with themselves became Self-Improvers, whose primary orientation is self-expression and personal fulfillment. Those exploring expanded visions of love, collaboration and companionship became the Connectors, whose main emphasis is on relationships. And those whose primary passion was to make the world a better place became the Do-Gooders.

Read the full article by Dr. David Gruder in The Bellwether magazine.

David Gruder, PhD, DCEP, is a multi-award-winning psychologist, international speaker/trainer, and bestselling author, who mentors thought & market leaders dedicated to elevating humanity & making integrity profitable. The book from which this article was excerpted, The New IQ: How Integrity Intelligence Serves You, Your Relationships and Our World, was a groundbreaking 6-award-winning how-to manual equipping readers to step into dynamic levels of personal, relationship, business, societal, and leadership integrity. Since then, that material has evolved into two comprehensive online programs: The Integrity Guide to Having It All. And SuperChange Catalysts™. Learn more at: https://www.DrGruder.com/Academy.

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