The Hottest Trend in Travel for 2022: Retreats

Image By Photo by Chait Goli

Articl By Catherine Kontos

Why Should Travel Planners, Event Planners, Wellness Influencers and Coaches Add Retreats to Their Business Plan?

When the pandemic came, fear paralyzed the world. Borders and businesses closed. Loved ones fell ill, and some died. We were stuck at home (some of us still are), and in that isolation, we were forced to look inward. When that happens, the mind can’t help but wonder. We tend to question our existence and wonder what we have done with our lives. Are we happy with our jobs, our relationships, and most importantly, ourselves? 

When the world stopped, we were stripped of many privileges and forced to face reality without any distractions. Superficial living became less and less possible. We began to realize that gaining material wealth does not bring long-term happiness. In our isolation, we searched for answers and meaning and experienced an awakening of sorts. We had to face our own personal truths and how we fit into the world.

There’s no denying it; inner reflection has deepened our desire to resolve the many issues around us, and we long to reconnect with others. The need for community inspires us to seek like-minded people with whom we can share our thoughts and experiences, with whom we can discover and grow. 

How does one go about finding that community? They read the article in the October 2022 issue of The Bellwether magazine.

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