Use the Power of Thinking to Create Rhythm that will Move You Forward 

Are you looking to unlock the secret to consistent progress and unwavering commitment? Do you want to tap into the power of your thinking and unleash the full potential of your business? Look no further! I invite you to read an insightful article in October 2022 Issue of The Bellwether magazine, written by the renowned leadership coach, Haseena Shaheed-Jackson.

In this captivating piece, Haseena delves into the transformative concept of rhythm – a strong, regular, and repeated pattern of movement or sound. Just like an engine, your rhythm vibrates within you, and it’s up to you to control it through the power of your thinking. By cultivating clarity, courage, desire, and focus, you can develop habits that lead to achievement and success.

But what exactly is the significance of rhythm? Although there are many, let us share with you two compelling benefits:

1️⃣ Movement for Progression: Rhythm creates the essential movement required for consistent progress. It propels you forward, enabling you to take decisive action, leverage your potential, and tap into your unique gifts and talents. With the power of positive thoughts, you’ll experience a harmonious flow that drives you toward your goals.

2️⃣ Consistency for Accountability and Commitment: Rhythm fosters consistency, which in turn leads to accountability and unwavering commitment. By establishing a rhythmic flow in your business endeavors, you create a solid foundation for dependable actions. This consistency empowers you to make informed decisions, stay level-headed during storms and struggles, and remain clear on your purpose and vision.

Think of your rhythm as a humming within you, constantly in motion with your thoughts and beliefs. To maintain a positive and empowering rhythm, you must ground your thoughts in principles that uplift and inspire you. By harnessing the power of positive thinking, you’ll be driven to take action and unlock your full potential.

Harmony, coherency, and tranquility are the natural byproducts of a well-established rhythm. Harmony allows you to stay calm amidst challenges, enabling you to endure and make informed decisions. Coherency provides clarity and consistency, allowing you to focus on the necessary steps and actions for success. And tranquility ensures that your mind and spirit remain steady, impervious to distractions and doubts.

Remember, your rhythm will rise and fall in intensity. During the weaker periods, view it as an opportunity for reflection, evaluation, and self-care. Just like an engine, your rhythm requires maintenance, so take time to increase your knowledge, develop new skills, and refuel your spirit. These adjustments will lead to a renewed intensity and a durable, resilient rhythm that keeps you moving forward toward success.

So, don’t miss out on this valuable article by Haseena Shaheed-Jackson in The Bellwether magazine. Embrace the power of rhythm and discover how it can transform your business, elevate your thinking, and unleash your true potential. Create a rhythm that propels you toward enduring success.

Take back control and be significant.

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