Eric Levine The Gold Behind The Gym

This is an interview with Eric Levine, The Gold Behind The Gym

… by this time I had already been in the fitness industry, I opened up Gold’s Gym. I was the first licensee of Gold’s Gym and opened up six clubs in Canada and some in California.

When I partnered up with Ray (Wilson), we opened up 72 locations in California.

I went to Hong Kong. I landed there and there were no fitness centers. Everyone was into brand names. I knew it was the right time.

“You’re either the best in the world, or you’re not.”

— Eric Levine

Everyone told me the Chinese will never work out, women won’t sweat in front of the men,  I’ll never find the building, I’ll never blah blah blah no no no no no. But, I had already manifested it in my mind. I had already done it. Mentally, I had done it to a level that it could not NOT happen. 

I found the exact building, I hired the exact people. It was $4.5M just to get started. A million and a half dollars on top of that just for the rent deposit because nobody knew me. We got all of our money back in 90 days after opening.

In my third year we did $100M in revenue and $38M profit. We were in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. We opened up in Vietnam, Thailand, Korea, China, Malaysia, Australia and all over the place. It was all based on Club Med.

Eric Levine The Gold Behind The Gym

Learn the whole story in the October 1st issue of The Bellwether magazine. Eric Levine is a global fitness expert.

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Eric Levine on the “Authentically You” Podcast hosted by Julie Ducharme. Watch the rest of the interview by following the link below.

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