How to Develop the Attributes to Achieve Your Goals

Contributed by Ellen Moran

This is sadly a familiar experience for most of us.  Something that feels threatening happens and it triggers an automatic, impulsive reaction.  What you said, didn’t come from your best and more mature self.  It didn’t produce the result you wanted.

With 20-20 hindsight and cooled down emotion, you can think of better ways to respond, that would have been far more successful.  

Often these impulsive responses are described as bad habits, e.g., “I have a bad habit of getting angry when….”  I have a bad habit of avoiding situations when…”  Habits, by their very nature, are ways of thinking and behaving that the brain has made automatic, outside of our awareness. 

When things don’t go the way you hoped or intended, there is an alternative to browbeating yourself with the rhetorical question, “Why did I say that”? I know better!”

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Ellen Moran

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