Success of Living Passionately

Imagine sitting in a VIP suite at The Circuit of the Americas, surrounded by the thunderous roars of MotoGP bikes racing at top speed. This dream-like experience became a reality for Aliki Karayan, the CEO of VnM Sport, a business that designs and produces baselayers for motorcycle racers. In this article, we explore Aliki’s journey from a passionate hobbyist to a successful entrepreneur enjoying the success of living passionately. This story should inspire and motivate fellow entrepreneurs to follow their passions and turn them into thriving businesses.

Passion and Persistence:

Thirteen years ago, Aliki could only dream of being at COTA, but her love for motorcycles and passion for the industry fueled her determination. The initial business goal was to create the very best product in a niche market, aiming to have world champions choose baselayers based on preference, not financial incentives. It seemed like an ambitious and unrealistic goal, but Aliki was undeterred.

The Turning Point:

Early on, Aliki faced skepticism from another business owner who dismissed her venture as a mere hobby, lacking the potential for true success. Instead of being discouraged, Aliki took this as a challenge and set out to prove him wrong. This encounter lit a fire within, driving her to push harder and turn his passion into a profitable venture.

Success of Living Passionately

The Power of Passion:

Aliki’s story demonstrates the power of passion in entrepreneurship. While financial success is crucial, he emphasizes that money should not overshadow the love for what you do. Being passionate about her industry allowed her to weather the storm during difficult times and remain connected to customers’ needs. Firsthand experience as a motorcycle racer gave her a unique insight into this target demographic, enabling the creation of products that truly resonated with her audience.

A Lifestyle of Fulfillment:

For Aliki, success extends beyond the balance sheet. Owning a business in an industry she loves has allowed her to embrace a cherished lifestyle. She surrounded herself with like-minded individuals, supports charitable causes, and helps aspiring racers achieve their dreams. This fulfillment goes beyond monetary gains, enriching the lives of those she touches.

I was trying to be the Jacuzzi of baselayers. I wanted world champions to choose to wear my product, not because I paid them to, but because they preferred it over the rest.

Aliki Karayan

Embracing the Journey:

Aliki’s journey has been filled with both failures and successes, but passion has been the driving force behind her continuous growth. While acknowledging that spite initially fueled her determination, passion has been the sustaining factor that’s kept it going, allowing the business to evolve and expand internationally.


Aliki Karayan’s story exemplifies the transformative power of living passionately and turning hobbies into successful businesses. As entrepreneurs, we can draw inspiration from this determination, her willingness to overcome challenges, and unyielding passion for her craft. If you’re curious to read more about Aliki’s journey and the success of VnM Sport, be sure to check out the original magazine article in the “Fast Lane” section of The Bellwether magazine. Remember, when you combine passion with persistence, your entrepreneurial endeavors can lead to an incredibly fulfilling and rewarding life. You too will enjoy the Success of Living Passionately

Success of Living Passionately

Reflecting back I feel a sense of pride to have been able to create a lifestyle for myself that I absolutely love, driven by passion and continued inspiration, and fueled by determination. A hobby, as it were. And I would not want to have it any other way!

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Man in orange: Remy Gardner #87 2021 Moto2 MotoGP World Champion 

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Success of Living Passionately

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