Why Crypto And Should You Care?

As a Transformational Wealth Coach, I frequently receive the question, “What is crypto?” Or the next common inquiry, “Is crypto safe?” Although I always encourage people to conduct their own research and refrain from providing financial advice, let me explain why Crypto and should you care about it.

There are some important basics we all need to learn, SOON. If you’re in wealth-building mode, you want to begin to study what I believe is the future of money.

Why Crypto and should I care?

Like everything else, money goes in cycles. Nothing backs fiat currency; every government currency is now fiat. The average lifespan of any fiat currency is only 27 years. It is important to realize the flipside of this stat: the US dollar, the British pound, and indeed all paper currency, are reaching the end of their life cycles. You can witness this with rampant hyperinflation, and the fact that we have printed over 80% of all currency in circulation in the last two years. If you study ancient currencies, this looks a lot like what happened right before the fall of Rome. Cryptocurrency, already 13 years old, is expanding for a much longer run. It started with bitcoin (which, unlike fiat, is deflationary) and has grown from there into thousands of different tokens.

Crypto is actually the first new kind of money in hundreds of years. This is a good reason why crypto and should you care? Like everything else, money goes in cycles.  Fiat is currency backed by nothing. Every government currency is now fiat, and the average lifespan of any fiat currency is only 27 years. Nothing is going to be more revolutionizing than crypto assets.

Read more of Halle Eavelyn’s article in October 2022 issue of The Bellwether magazine.

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